Three Ways to Enter Transactions

You can add spending through your mobile device, direct import, or by importing a bank file of your transactions. Hey, you can do a mix of all three!

For in-depth help with importing transactions, check out Direct Import and File-Based Import*.

*File-Based Importing is only available on the web app. Womp womp. But don't worry — entering transactions on the go is easy-peasy!

Mobile Entry

Adding your spending transactions at the moment of purchase is the best way to have the most up-to-date category balances.

To enter a transaction:

  1. Tap the Transaction Icon.
  2. Indicate whether the transaction is an Expense or Income by toggling the switch in the top left corner. 
  3. Enter the amount using the number pad below. 
  4. Use the Payee to describe who the money went to or came from. (psst! Seeing a little globe icon? That means you have the Geo Payees feature turned on.)
  5. Select your category, account, and date. 
  6. Tap Save Transaction. 

If this transaction used up more money than you had in a category (😱 ), you'll see a red indicator next to your Budget icon as well as this blue banner:

It’s time to head to the budget and use Rule Three to roll with it.

Direct Import

With Direct Import, it's easy to make sure you have all your transactions in YNAB, keeping you and your budget up to date.

As a part of setting up a new account, just follow the prompts to connect your bank. Once you have your connection established, YNAB will import your most recent balance only. New transactions will typically start flowing in less than 12 hours after you make them.

Automatic Matching and Unmatching 🛠

Imported transactions will match right up with manually entered transactions as long as the amounts are exactly the same and the transaction dates are within 10 days of each other. 

To unmatch a transaction:

  1. Tap on the transaction to open the Edit Transaction view
  2. Tap Unmatch
  3. Approve transaction - done!

To manually match an imported transaction with a manually entered transaction:

  1. Select a transaction available for matching
  2. Tap More, then Match
  3. Select the corresponding transaction from the list

Having trouble with your Direct Import account? Check our Troubleshooting Steps!

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